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I n s u r a n c e  C o n s u l t i n g  S e r v i c e s
Understand Medicare
Planning for financial aspects
after your life is critical for the
financial security of your estate
and your family.

The single most important
decision to make about your Life
Insurance Policy is that it best
meets your needs.

Life Insurance is often overlooked
because people are not clear
about the benefits and options.
Thank you Gloria for the first class
way you handle all of your clients. I
have referred many friends and
business associates to you to get
quotes and compare premiums
against what they were currently
paying. They love the savings.
They love your great service even

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Understand Medicare
Types of Life Insurance

For a personal evaluation of your needs regarding the type of Life Insurance that will provide the protection most appropriate for your
situation at a cost you can afford. Following are some of the commonly known types of Insurance that can be considered.

  • Term Life Insurance - This type of Life Insurance is affordable and flexible and provides coverage for a specified length or term.

  • Permanent Life Insurance - This type of Life Insurance provides coverage for the duration of the insured policy owners life.

  • Term Life vs. Permanent Life - Which is right for you? This can be determined through an analysis by an insurance

  • Whole Life Insurance - Premiums remain the same through the life of the policy with a portion invested.

  • Universal Life Insurance - This is similar to Whole Life Insurance, but more flexible with adjustable premiums and death benefits.

  • Variable Life Insurance - This type of policy allows you to make decisions about where your money gets invested.

  • Variable Universal Life Insurance - This type of policy allows you to adjust the amount of the death benefit, the premium,and
    investment choices.

  • Survivorship Life Insurance - This choice insures both you and your spouse under one policy, with the proceeds payable after
    the second death.

  • Convertible Life Insurance - This option allows you to convert to a different policy at the end of the term.
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