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Purchasing Home Owners Insurance is one of the many decisions you will have to make in
the process of protecting yourself against drastic financial loss. The information below will
introduce the most common policy types of Home Owners Insurance.

You want to keep your life from being interrupted. Know what your deductibles are. In the
market today the most common is a 1% deductible. If your home is insured for $150,000
then a 1% deductible would be $1500. Some policies list deductibles in a dollar amount
and not as percentages. In either case that is the amount of money you will pay out of
your pocket before the insurance company takes care of their part of a covered claim.
Be prepared. Most importantly know what your Home Owners Insurance Policy covers. Contact Gloria Smith to determine what type of
policy will best suit your needs. Home Owners Insurance is a policy which can cover loss or damage to structure, personal property,
use of property and the liability of the insured to others within property limits. The following four basic types cover every variation of
Home Owners Insurance.

Home Owners Coverage

Home Owners Insurance (personal residence) has six essential components and covers most losses (excluding floods and
earthquakes) occurring from accidents or natural causes.

  • Dwelling - This protects the foundation, building and roof and anything inside the home that is not movable.

  • Additional Structures - This covers structures on the property that not attached to the dwelling.

  • Personal Property -  This is important replacement protection for home furnishings, carpeting, lighting, plumbing, bath and
    kitchen fixtures and much more.

  • Loss of Use - Including this protection will provide for living expenses while your home is being restored from a covered loss.

  • Personal Liability - This covers your legal defense and expenses found to be your responsibility. It also includes unintentional
    acts of slander, loss caused by household members or your household pets.

  • Deductible - This is the amount you pay toward the loss; generally $500 or more.  

Non-liability medical payments can also be included, as well as many additional riders and endorsements to properly protect your
personal assets.

Similar coverage is also available for rentals, and non owner occupied properties.
Understand Medicare
Home Owners Insurance is the
policy you depend on when there
is an accident or incident which
would cause large financial losses
or costs to recover from. While
there are policies such as
umbrella coverage, normal Home
Owners Policies are broken down
into separate units or groups of
Gloria Smith can help.
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are subject to final approval as provided by law.
Yahooooooo! I could not believe
that I have been paying over
$1,000 a year more than I needed
to for my Auto and Home Owner
Insurance; for the exact same
coverage. I was with a very well
known company and Gloria Smith
placed my business with another
equally well known company and
saved me a lot of money. The
spreadsheet that she prepared
showing the side by side coverage
really made it easy to me to

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