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I n s u r a n c e  C o n s u l t i n g  S e r v i c e s
There are two general categories of Health Insurance available today: Individual and
Group. Generally, a good Health Insurance Policy will cover several types of medical
requirements. Whether you are looking for Individual or Group Insurance, you should put
thought into the specifics of what you and your family need.
The need for Health Insurance was
recognized in the early part of the
20th century. The main reason to
have it is simple. It can prevent you
from facing financial ruin if there is
a catastrophic illness or accident
involving you or your family. There
are many options. A review of your
Health Insurance is important.
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All information contained on this website is deemed to be accurate. No warranties are
implied. Consultation with a licensed insurance agent is critical in evaluating and
selecting any and all policies, plans and coverage. Requesting information is a public
service and does not obligate a site visitor in any way. All selected plans and policies
are subject to final approval as provided by law.
Understand Medicare
I was paying almost $800 a month
for Health Insurance for myself
and my family. Gloria put together
several options and Health Plan
combinations that actually
improved my coverage and saved
me over a $100 a month. In this
economy, I have found that
shopping and comparing really
makes a difference. I am so very
please! Thank you.

Who Should Buy Individual Insurance? 877.542.5520

Individual Insurance is bought by those who have to provide Health Insurance for themselves. This may be for several reasons: for
instance, if we are self-employed, if we work for a small business that does not provide Health Insurance, if we have a family and want
Individual Insurance for family members. In an Individual Plan, you will have a premium to pay and a deductible for each insured

What Will My Deductible Be?

Whether the insurance is an Individual or Group Policy, the amount of the deductible is determined at the time the policy is written
and is decided by the person, group or business which sets up the plan. In both types, you will have out of pocket expenses besides
the deductible mentioned above.

Why Disability Insurance?

Protect your assets against the unexpected. Disability Insurance policies can provide monthly income to help maintain your way of life
in the event of the unexpected accidents, illness and injury. These plans can be customized to fit your unique needs. They help
preserve your independence without burdening others.
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